Mala beads serve as a reminder of your intentions, empowering you to manifest the life that you truly desire. Carefully crafted in India by female artisans to reflect ethical production practices, these beads offer mindful prompts of how we can strive for higher consciousness throughout life's journey. All Gemstones and Sandalwood are 6 mm Necklace hangs approx 48cm, due to the handmade nature lengths can vary slightly Handmade in India in a Fair Trade cooperative by experienced female artisans Malas are hand-knotted between each bead while bracelets are hand-strung on elastic thread Silk pouch included

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Ocean Jasper (also known as ocean orbicular jasper) is a highly spiritual and protective stone that helps to connect the wearer with the spiritual realm. It also aids in the removal of negative energy and stress, while promoting feelings of peace and calm.

Sodalite, often associated with communication and poetry, is a tectosilicate mineral known for its royal blue and purple shades, aiding in balancing the head and the heart to align individuals with their true selves.

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