Fire (agni) starter


Take this preparation about 30 minutes before meals if you find it hard to digest your food or you feel sluggish, tired after eating. This can be a sign of low agni or digestive fire. Use this reciper to kickstart your digestion before eating.

Peel and cut about 100g of fresh ginger root into strips.
• Squeeze the juice of 4 to 5 limes into a small bowl.
• Add a pinch of rock salt (or pink salt) to the lime juice and stir well.
• Transfer the ginger and the lime juice mixture into a glass jar with a tight lid.
• Shake well and refrigerate for at least a day before using.

You can enjoy this pickle as a side dish or as a digestive aid before a meal. It has many health benefits, such as:
• It stimulates the appetite and digestion.
• It reduces nausea and bloating.
• It boosts immunity and fights infections.
• It improves blood circulation and metabolism.